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Concierge Station emerges as a dynamic start-up focused on developing an application tailored for the hotel industry. The app serves as a gateway to information regarding products and services offered by affiliated hotels, presenting a digital solution that empowers establishments to comprehensively showcase their service offerings.
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 Recognizing the imperative for hotels to exhibit the diversity of their offerings and enhance the average transaction value through the sale of complementary services, Concierge Station identified a specific need. Hotels experience peak visitation at their front desks during certain times of the day, and the digitalization of certain inquiries and processes was envisioned to alleviate this pressure.


A user-friendly application was meticulously crafted for both Android and iOS platforms. This application allows guests, upon arriving at the hotel, to seamlessly access information about the products and services offered by the establishment. This facilitates cross-selling and upselling opportunities, empowering guests to explore services beyond what meets the eye. The app opens avenues for users to upgrade their room category, reserve indulgent services like spa treatments, massages, and sauna sessions, as well as place orders in the restaurant. These transactions collectively elevate the overall customer experience and contribute to an increase in the average transaction value.


  • Noticeable increase in the average transaction value.
  • Significant growth in the sales of complementary hotel services.
  • Elevated levels of customer satisfaction.

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