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DeMaquinarias.com is a specialized P2P platform for the purchase, sale, and rental of machinery in Latin America within the industrial, construction, port, and agricultural sectors.
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The founders identified a need to provide a tool that allows users to easily and intuitively connect buyers and owners of specialized machinery such as lifts, cranes, loaders, platforms, etc., for the agricultural, construction, and industrial sectors, among others.


The TAM team listened to the company's challenges and objectives. After undergoing a Discovery process, the scope of the MVP was defined, and an application was developed for Android and iOS. Its main function is to connect buyers and sellers so that they can carry out various operations such as buying, selling, or renting machinery. The tool includes the possibility of using customized filters and features such as online chat, geolocation, currency converter, equipment management, and more. Additionally, it allows generating income through the monetization of advertisements via banners or featured listings.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Application available for Android and iOS
  • Definition of the Monetization Model

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