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Casagri is a company dedicated to the manufacturing, distribution, and commercialization of agricultural supplies, machinery, and implements with a presence in various Latin American countries. They sell their products to SMEs and large enterprises.
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The company needed to improve and digitize its commercial processes to organize order information, reduce errors in records, and centralize data. The goal was to provide the sales force with tools that would allow them to manage orders more efficiently. Additionally, they wanted to provide the end customer with a B2C mobile platform so that they could self-manage their requirements, optimizing time and resources.


We developed a native mobile solution based on Venttu, the platform developed by The App Master and marketed as specialized SaaS for distributors and wholesalers. Versions were created for both iOS and Android, catering to both end consumers and the sales team. Both types of applications adopted the company's brand identity, making them a unique product in the app stores.

Both solutions also feature an online catalog displaying the entire product offering, allowing sales representatives or customers to view launches and promotional products when placing orders.

The platform was integrated with Microsoft Dynamics through its API, synchronizing information in real-time and avoiding task duplication.


  • Reduction of errors in order records
  • Increase in average ticket size

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