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AFS is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides students from around the world with intercultural exchange opportunities. It promotes intercultural learning experiences through overseas programs, host family stays, and volunteering
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The organization contacted us because they wanted to design an app through which exchange students, located all around the world, could share their experiences and photographs. It would be a platform for interaction and a way to capture the diversity of places and experiences of those who participate in this dynamic.


In this case, The App Master team collaborated with the Ogilvy agency, focusing on making the app user-friendly, fun, and safe.

For the latter point, the developers implemented filters to ensure that the shared content was safe. The goal was to prevent the system from accepting photos that violated the organization's content guidelines.

Additionally, a youthful and intuitive interface was designed to allow users to navigate easily, upload, and send images without any issues of any kind.


  • Exchange students from all over the world interacted through the platform.
  • The app allowed hundreds of users to instantly connect through photographs from different parts of the world. It became a tool for intercultural engagement.

The App Master team worked as an extension of our internal team at Ogilvy, contributing ideas and solutions to address any conflicts we encountered

Ramiro Dirube


Director at Ogilvy Digital

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