Intrapreneurs y Entrepreneurs: Roles que impactan en el mundo empresarial

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Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs: Roles that impact the business world

Intrapreneurs y Entrepreneurs: Roles que impactan en el mundo empresarial

In today’s landscape, the term “entrepreneurship” appears everywhere; while many precisely understand its meaning, others struggle to grasp its full implications. In common terms, entrepreneurship is associated with the initiative to bring a business idea to life, create a company, produce a product, or provide a service. However, this concept isn’t confined to that perspective, and currently, various types of entrepreneurs are discussed.

This is where entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs come onto the scene. They are entrepreneurial profiles that identify opportunities, assess risks, and set actions in motion in a creative and innovative manner: one does so externally, while the other operates under the umbrella of an organization.

Although they might seem similar, they represent distinct concepts. In this regard, it’s important to recognize the characteristics that set them apart, as well as how they contribute to growth and innovation within both technology companies and beyond.


Intrapreneurs: Innovation from Within


Intrapreneurs are employees of a company who act as entrepreneurs within the same organization. While not owners, they share key attributes with entrepreneurs, such as a passion for innovation and a willingness to take calculated risks. They can drive new methodologies and processes to enhance both efficiency and quality, leading initiatives and proposing technological solutions to achieve these goals. Some aspects that characterize this profile are:

Creativity and proactivity: They bring new ideas and perspectives to the company. They are adept at identifying opportunities that can benefit the organization. They stay attuned to the latest technological trends and evaluate how they can be applied within the organizational context.

Risk tolerance: While they don’t undertake financial risks, they are willing to face challenges and try new things, even if it means encountering organizational resistance. They can lead research and development projects to devise innovative technological solutions that enhance the company’s products or services.

Results-oriented: They are driven by achievements and seek to implement changes that have both a positive and relevant impact. They advocate for investments in technological infrastructure that allow the company to stay updated and competitive in the market.

Collaboration and leadership: They excel at teamwork and leading initiatives, inspiring others to join their innovative efforts and aiding the migration of processes and services to more efficient digital platforms.


Entrepreneurs: Visionary Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs are individuals who create and manage their own businesses or startups. They are leaders of their own companies and undertake financial risks to bring their ideas and ambitions to fruition. They are characterized by:

Creativity and vision: They possess a clear vision of their business and are passionate about executing it. Additionally, they have the ability to identify unsolved problems or needs and devise technological products or services to address them.

Risk-takers: They are willing to undertake financial and personal risks to realize their projects. They challenge the status quo by thinking of innovative solutions that can disrupt the market and offer transformative solutions that change the way companies and individuals do things.

Autonomous and independent: Unlike intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs are their own bosses and make key decisions for the success of their companies. Nowadays, it’s common to see them creating technology-focused startups centered on developing innovative products or services.

Persistent and resilient: Despite obstacles, they remain persistent and quickly recover from failures.

In conclusion, these profiles of entrepreneurs play an essential role in innovation and economic growth. Recognizing their potential and motivating them within organizations can make a significant difference. By fostering creativity, risk-taking, and collaboration, both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs can work together toward a more vibrant and dynamic business future.

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