Expandirse o no Expandirse: El gran dilema


Expand or Not to Expand: The Great Dilemma

Expandirse o no Expandirse: El gran dilema

One of the biggest challenges companies grapple with when eyeing growth is the age-old question: which path should we take? Should we venture into new territories, nurture our growth within familiar markets, or perhaps do a bit of both? We firmly believe that the key lies in pinpointing the right moment and strategy for taking that leap forward.

Since our inception at The App Master in 2009, we’ve weathered a journey filled with triumphs and setbacks, shaping us into who we are today. This journey has not only strengthened our resolve but has also given us the privilege to collaborate with clients spanning various industries, sizes, and continents. Now, armed with these invaluable experiences, we stand ready for our next big adventure: Expansion into Europe.

In the middle of 2023, our CTO, Juan Manuel Carreiro, planted roots in Spain. And this year, we’ve welcomed Juan Pablo Coppola to our sales team. Alongside a local agency and our dedicated team from Argentina, Juan Pablo is on a mission to nurture client relationships, forge solid partnerships, and uncover fresh business horizons across the continent.Our decision to expand wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment one. It all began with our initial exploration into the European market back in 2016 when we participated in the Manchester Innovation fair and in 2017, through our involvement in the StartUp Contest #AcelerarEspaña. This immersive experiences allowed us to dive deep into the vibrant entrepreneurial and business landscape of the region, exchanging insights with fellow trailblazers who, like us, are committed to reshaping industry norms. It was this experience that ignited the spark for our exciting new chapter.

We do not have success guaranteed. We arrive accompanied by a dose of uncertainty like in any other beginning. However, our desire to grow and learn far outweighs that fear of the unknown that often paralyzes. It is a market from which we will learn a great deal, and we are very excited to share those learnings with you.

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