Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

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Touch To is a custom software design and development company. They create mobile applications, websites and other products that require custom software development.
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With the Touch To team we have worked successfully as development partners in different opportunities. In this case, they needed our Staff Augmentation service to build a team specialized in different technologies such as: Amazon Web Service, Node.js, Lambda, Firebase and MongoDB.


Once we listened to the requirements of the Touch To team and the type of development they needed, we undertook the task of finding among our team the most suitable and qualified personnel to meet this challenge.

The profile analysis was carried out, as well as the interviews of the candidates to take over as senior software engineers with advanced knowledge in the requested technologies and field (fintech). Finally, three profiles were selected and are currently working on the development of a financial services application and its integration with other institutions.


  • The company was able to add three software engineers with more than five years of
    experience to their team.
  • The staff quickly adjusted to the dynamics, tasks, and working methods of Touch To.
  • The project has been progressing according to plan and schedule thanks to the
    team’s proactive skills.
  • The efficiency of the recruited personnel has positively impacted the end clients of
    the development.

The App Master’s project management has exceeded my expectations, they are very proactive. Especially their leaders, they are very reliable and flexible. The staff they supplied us with have performed excellently.

Matthew Magby


Head of Business Development at Touch To

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