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MILA is a pawn company that offers loans for vehicle purchases.
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The organization works in conjunction with dealerships that submit financing requests for vehicles on behalf of their potential customers. MILA consults the central debtor database (VERAZ) and validates whether the buyer is eligible for financing and the terms of the financing. All of this process was carried out manually, which hindered tracking and resulted in missed opportunities. The company needed to digitalize its management to consolidate information and streamline the monitoring and control of commercial tasks.


Upon identifying the customer’s needs, an application was developed using React Native to create a customized CRM for them. Team supervisors could monitor their salespeople’s schedules through an intuitive interface, viewing completed visits as well as the requests being processed. Sales executives could input information through a form, entering potential buyers’ data for follow-up. They could also access rankings of dealerships that had secured the most credits, along with information on approvals, rejections, and other key data for tracking their goals.



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