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Rugbydat is a startup specialized in Rugby, whose mobile application allows players, coaches and fans of this sport to share and record the actions, data and details of a match.
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The founders of RugbyDat came to us with the idea of creating an application aimed specifically at rugby enthusiasts. Their intention was that the app would allow information to be collected throughout a game in order to gain a better understanding of the team’s performance. In addition, it would serve as an ideal tool to help coaches in training sessions and to be able to measure, in some way, what aspects need to be worked on by the team.


The App Master team put on its cap and gown and started the discovery process by conducting research in order to define the functions of the application. For this analysis, the client’s ideas, the user type’s behavior, and the discipline-specific peculiarities were all taken into consideration. The goal was to be able to design a specialized tool that was also user-friendly and intuitive.

The work was then prototyped and tested, accounting for any insights that had emerged during the design process. Finally, we reached the development stage and produced a hybrid application that could be installed on both Android and iOS.


  • An app was created that can record all of the actions, information, and details of a
    rugby match and then return to the user all of the game’s statistics in an organized
  • It received significant acceptance from sports trainers because it allowed them to
    pinpoint the actions that needed to be corrected or improved in their teams’ training.
  • Additionally, it enabled information sharing with other coaches, players, and fans.

We had a sea of doubts when we thought about this project. The first reason is that rugby has a huge number of rules and variables, and the second is that we were more acting on instinct than thinking. With The App Master, the project was finally made clear to us, and after a few months it had become a reality. We were extremely happy in every single instance.

Alejandro Mendez



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