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RangeTime is a Start-Up from Texas. It goal is introducing image recognition technology into firearm shooting practice. The project utilizes recognition and analysis of an image captured through the mobile app. It detects bullet holes on a target, identifies the center of the target, and calculates a score by deducing the scale of the target.
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The idea behind developing the app arose with the aim of assisting firearm enthusiasts and shooters in improving their skills by scoring targets and participating in friendly competitions.


An application for target shooting and scoring was developed, allowing accurate scoring of targets, challenging opponents, and saving time on the shooting range. RangeTime use AI recognition to score any target, providing the user's distance to the aiming point, grouping, and MOA (Minute of Angle). The shot log enables users to save and retrieve scores from previous targets, and the challenge feature allows users to challenge friends from anywhere in the world.


  • Multiplatform: Developed natively for iOS and Android devices, plus a cloud-based CMS administration solution.
  • Click Calculator: Based on image analysis, the user is informed about how to adjust their weapon's sight.
  • Freemium: The app is free with limited features unless the user subscribes annually, enabling them to create challenges with acquaintances, save a log of all their targets and scores, and participate in rankings segmented by weapon type and shooting distance.
  • Immediacy: Image analysis and feedback to the user occur in less than 1 second.

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