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Lets Reflect

Let’s Reflect is an American startup that guides personal growth and reflection processes in the area of motivation and self-help. One of their goals is to create a community where users can express themselves and get feedback on their successes and setbacks
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In this instance, the organization’s founder required assistance to create a product from scratch, starting with ideation and design and continuing through its development.

Its goal was to create an online community of supportive and interactive users who felt inspired to share their experiences and emotions.

For this reason, in order to submit the initial version of their application to the App Store, they required guidance from both a technical and business perspective.


First and foremost, we started with a discovery process with the goal of creating the application’s plans. The app was then made to be more intuitive and personal by empathizing with the type of user it was intended for, in accordance with UX design methodologies.

The functional range of the initial versions was then precisely defined, and based on that procedure, the prototype for the interface was developed.

Last but not least, we proposed starting the iOS application development based on a study of the launch area’s geographic area, in this case Miami. After that, based on user feedback, adjustments, modifications, and optimization of this initial version, we’ll create their Android counterpart to extend the reach of their.


  • In less than six months, the client obtained their first version that was made available on the iOS market.
  • Users are able to intuitively communicate with both the application and other users.
  • They can also add friends, follow users, leave comments, respond, share content on social networks, and perform other functions.
  • Based on the user’s behavior, algorithms were created.

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