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Equimera is a Fintech startup that was born with the objective of providing a tool to small and medium-sized companies to administer, manage and reconcile recurring charges, optimizing their collection process. It is a platform that automates the management of collections by integrating all payment methods in one place.
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Equimera is a startup created to offer new financial solutions aimed at the growth of itsclients. For this reason, they contacted our team. Essentially, they had as a core project to create a mobile application that would help small businesses or independent business owners to have full control of their income. Basically, their vision was that the tool would allow them to keep up with the evolution of their business.


 The App Master accepted the challenge, guided by their ideas and requirements. Then, the design team did a benchmarking process to understand how this kind of platforms work and to determine the scope of the tool.

Based on this data, the mapping of the flows that the application should contemplate in order to offer added value to the users began.

Finally, Equimera was developed, an app with an intuitive interface that manages and provides financial balances, manages recurring payments and collections from a single place. It also has an organizational function that sends automatic reminders for better control of operations.



  • Optimization of business revenue collection
  • Automated payment management reducing delays and errors
  • Administrative process digitalization to reduce operational workload.
  • Efficiency and transparency in the company’s financial management.

The team at The App Master listened to our ideas and developed them effectively while coming up with innovative solutions and suggestions that met our expectations

Paula Martinez Landa


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