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EAG is an innovative educational institution that has been training students for nearly 20 years to become top-notch professionals and entrepreneurs in the culinary field. They offer innovative and high-quality training, focused on international market trends. The degrees awarded by the School of Culinary Arts are official and have national and international validity.
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EAG is one of the top culinary schools in Buenos Aires, and they needed a platform to make digitalized educational material available to their students. It was also crucial that they had access to schedules and other relevant course information. For this reason, they approached us to jointly design an application tailored to their teaching method.


Firt of all, our development team analyzed the requirements requested by the client. Initially, we worked on a prototype to establish the different flows of the application and find the simplest way for students to find what they need with minimal effort.

As a result, an application for internal use on the institute's tablets was developed. This exclusive platform for students served as a multimedia library as it compiled all class materials and the information necessary for their academic performance.


  • Students had access to educational material before, during, and after classes.
  • By digitizing the bibliography, students accessed tons of recipes and online lessons. As a result, they saved money and time.
  •  Academic performance in classes improved.

Working with The App Master team, we highlight their initiative, creativity, and constant listening. Understanding what we needed was key to achieving the goal

Marcelo Curone


CEO & Founder en EAG

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