“ISOT” is a web and mobile application that allows our client to digitize the entire process of damage repair and cleaning of Isotanks, DRY and Tanker Trucks. It offers electronic backup of all the documents generated by these processes, which provides greater efficiency and traceability.
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Monitoring and control of procedures within the plant was carried out using paper forms that did not allow to access a status report in real time. Migrating to a digitization of these processes also represented a risk of a possible adoption barrier by personnel that was already used to work in a different way.


First we embark on a Product Thinking phase through interviews and document analysis. We carried out a series of surveys and visits to the plant in order to fully understand the process flow that was currently taking place. We got in touch with different actors of Carmocal staff to understand in depth the areas and opportunities to be improved with the incorporation of a digital platform. We were able to present a list of features, navigation flow, architectural design and screen patterns.

Once this phase is finished, we faced Product Design. With the survey report we proposed a solution and a work schedule. We carried out 2-week iterations using agile methodologies with the active participation of Carmocal’s Business Analyst.

We presented a functional document with a detailed description of how the solution would interact and work. Afterwards we produced the final product designs and divided the document into user stories that helped present a detailed work estimate. The project was divided into different phases in order to advance through specific modules of different tasks. This would help the adoption of the solution to be scaled up. The purpose of the latter was to avoid radical changes in the work methodology by team members in the plant and improve the adoption of the solution.

Finally, the Product Development phase led by our Project Manager ended with the first version of the solution that Carmocal was able to present and begin to use within the organization.


  • Access to online information on the processes involved and their status.
  • Detailed information on tasks performed, in progress and scheduled.
  • Elimination of administrative tasks avoiding transferring information from paper forms to systems.
  • Elimination of loading errors associated with data manipulation.
  • Electronic backup of all the documentation generated, which provides greater efficiency and traceability.
  • Immediate adoption by staff thanks to phased rollout plan.

We have been working together for some time, and we are pleased that they knew how to apply their best feature to this project: permanent focus on providing quality solutions. It is a reliable supplier, we know that we can overcome our challenges with them.

Maria Jose Lucino


Head of Technology and Systems at Carmocal

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