In Argentina, Quickfood is a leading company in the production and marketing of processed foods. The majority of their products are known on the market for being produced by one of the most well-known brands in the nation. Currently, it operates three plants in San Jorge, Baradero, and Arroyo Seco, processing more than 60 million toneladas of hamburguesas, salchichas, and fiambres annually.
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The company needed to digitize the data on the commercial areas that distributors visited. Its main intention was to map the strategic action area in order to establish objectives according to the potential of each area.


For this case, a measurement-based solution was developed. The idea was to develop a tool that would allow Quickfood to build a detailed record of its points of sale. In this sense, it was necessary to streamline the data collection process across all commercial distribution areas.

For this reason, the TAM team concentrated on the following tasks:

  • The first thing that was done was to gather data and information about the company’s environment.
  • The business objectives were then established in conjunction with the involved areas in order to determine the key functionalities of the application.
  • Finally, designers and developers finished the process of designing and developing this solution, which they called IGestión.


  • A census was completed that allowed for the digitization and mapping of all the product distribution territory in the province of Buenos Aires.
  •  The application allowed for the collection of data from more than 100.000 points of sale, enabling the company to make wise decisions.
  • Saving time on data processing thanks to the accessibility of all information through customized reports.
  • The relevant information allowed for the redistribution of the commercial zones.
  • The impact of distribution was calculated, and in addition, the sales potential and production forecast were estimated with greater assurance

Working with The App Master’s team was essential to the project’s success. They were involved in the solution’s arsenal from day one as needed, and we always relied on their knowledge and assistance, which allowed us to exceed all expectations. We highly value the adaptability and propensity to be able to incorporate changes into the app and the exploration reports.

Federico Szczesny


National Sales Manager – GTM Quickfood.

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