Custom Venttu Ensol

Custom Venttu

Venttu Ensol

Ensol Pigs is ENSOL‘s swine nutrition and health company. They required the development of a commercial platform that would allow them to manage the taking of orders by their sales team. The specific business rules for the industry and the company were not adapted to any existing tool, so a tailor-made solution was developed based on our product Venttu.
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ENSOL‘s order taking was decentralized and the digitization of that process would require the development of a platform as it contemplated very specific business rules that the company had and that no system was 100% compliant.


In the first place, we organized a meeting schedule so that we could be clear about which functionalities were supported by Venttu at that time and which were not (many of the functions that ENSOL requested were incorporated into Venttu so that they added value to all customers).

As part of the Technical Discovery stage, we wrote a functional document with all these requirements so that the client could validate our conclusions and action plan.

Some of the features that were added:

  • Quote and multi-currency
  • Order and tour limits
  • Cut-off time for order assembly
  • Multiple contacts by clients
  • Special charges
  • Product groups by business rule
  • Multiple deposits per customer
  • Delivery days
  • Special bonuses
  • Management of product types (On Demand or by Stock)

We presented a functional document with a detailed description of how the solution would interact and work. In turn, integration with the ERP TANGO Gestion system was introduced in order to reduce the administrative burden and increase the efficiency of the tasks.

Finally, we began with a Product Development phase led by our Project Manager where staggered deliveries were made so that we could start using the platform before the final product was ready.


  • Immediate adoption by staff thanks to phased rollout.
  • Access to online information on orders and other information related to visits and tours.
  • Detailed information on sales activities carried out, in progress and scheduled.
  • Elimination of administrative tasks thanks to integration with TANGO Software.
  • Elimination of handling errors associated with data manipulation.

La implementación fue un éxito, no solo porque el producto es muy versátil y robusto, tuvieron además la flexibilidad de adaptar ciertos componentes a nuestra problemática particular. Buena calidad, gran empatía para entender nuestro negocio, impecable gestión del proyecto.

Maria Jose Lucino


Head of Technology and Systems at Ensol Pigs

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