A todo o Nada App

A todo o Nada App

El trece
Channel 13 is an Argentine open television station that broadcasts from Buenos Aires and belongs to the company Arte Radiotelevisivo Argentino (Artear). It is the flagship broadcaster of the El Trece television network, which broadcasts throughout the country via the airwaves through its own stations and affiliated broadcasters, which receive the channel's programming through a satellite-distributed signal.
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The challenge posed to us by the production of the game show "A Todo o Nada" on Channel 13 was to create the first mobile application for a television program. They wanted a tool to extend the competition beyond the TV screens. In this sense, the app would serve as a platform for the audience to participate in the games that were played on the live show. As a final result, the winners would attend the show's backstage as players


To undertake this task, teamwork with the program's production was crucial. With their assistance, we were able to define the scope of the application for the program's format (Game Show). The primary goal was to enable users to participate by answering the live questions, completing various missions, and accumulating points based on their correct answers.

Subsequently, functional prototypes were designed, and various options were evaluated to ensure that the app was user-friendly, primarily for teenagers. Additionally, the interface was customized to display advertising from the program's sponsors.

Finally, mobile versions were developed for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry, as well as a web version.


  • The app reached 500k downloads in two months.
  • It ranked in the top 3 of each store (Google Play, App Store, and BlackBerry World).
  • The success of this product set a precedent for the development of other similar applications.

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