De la virtualidad a la presencialidad: ¡Viajamos a Alemania!


From virtual to face-to-face: Our Journey to Germany!

De la virtualidad a la presencialidad: ¡Viajamos a Alemania!

In the business world, every experience is a chance for growth, both professionally and personally. Recently, our team had the opportunity to travel to Germany to work side by side with Hilti’s team. This trip not only took us to new places but also deepened our connections and strengthened our collaboration with our client. Here are some thoughts on this experience and its impact on our team.

The trip was a valuable opportunity to strengthen our bonds with the Hilti team. One of the world’s top companies committed to developing products and solutions that drive productivity, sustainability, and safety in the construction industry and for whom we’ve been providing mobile development services.

During our stay we met with a larger part of their team. Some of them, although are not part of our daily meetings, play a crucial role in the success of the project. This direct interaction allowed us to better understand their roles and contributions to our common goal.

Moreover the trip provided us with a deeper insight into Hilti's organizational culture, enriching our understanding of our work environment and interactions within the company.

One of the trip's highlights was the chance to visit the headquarters in Liechtenstein. There, we met with Upper Management and the Product team. This experience not only allowed us to showcase our work but also understand our colleagues' processes and approaches better. Working together in person helped align our visions and strategies, setting the stage for closer collaboration in the future.

We're happy to share that the trip's results and collaboration were highly positive. The energy and team spirit we experienced during our time in Germany were truly inspiring. We're eager to carry that momentum into our future initiatives and projects.


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