Xeller is a startup whose main purpose is to provide a digital platform aimed at the sales force of retail companies. Its added value is that companies can establish contact with their customers improving the online and offline shopping experience.

Country: Argentina

Industry: Retail Starptup

Size: 1-10 employees


Our client was looking for a multidisciplinary team to develop an omnichannel application from scratch. Their main idea was to design a tool that would facilitate the e-commerce process for people and companies, in order to improve the conversion rate, the average ticket and increase customer loyalty levels.


First, we listened to the client’s ideas about the product and the scope they expected from the project. Then, we drew a work path and formed a team with the development requirements. Next, we started with the Discovery process, setting short-term goals under the Agile Scrum methodology.

To finish the first MVP, the team developed the IT solution, the application for iOS and Android and built a backend in .NET. Currently, they are working on the full retail version.


  • The application is beginning to be well accepted by the sales force of retail companies.
  • An intuitive app was developed, with a sober design that allows companies to share login information with their customers and have a one-to-one communication with them.