Ternium Today

Techint is an Italian-Argentine multinational business group created by Agostino Rocca with headquarters in Milan and Buenos Aires. It has operations in more than 24 countries throughout the world.

It is the largest steel producer in Argentina and the largest global producer of seamless tubes, used mainly in the oil industry. It is a leader in various areas such as petrochemicals, refineries, mining, pipelines, routes & highways, marine terminals, bridges, dams and airports.

Country: Argentina

Industry: Metallurgy, Construction, Oil & Gas.

Size: over 50,000 employees


The international group Techint needed to develop a platform that would allow the integration of the group’s different sources of internal and external information. Email as a communication tool was losing strength day by day and they needed a solution that would help them centralize multilingual content from different business units.

The first leg of the project involved developing a tool so that Ternium, one of the group’s companies dedicated to the production of long and flat steels, could use. Being a company made up of many collaborators and centers around the world, it became complex to ensure that its members stay updated on the most important issues that the group wants to convey.

We were selected to undertake this project with the group for whom we had already developed 11 projects in previous years.


The challenge was to design a platform that allowed employees to stay updated in real time regardless of their language and location.

We design a responsive application that adapts to devices from where it is accessed. The application is capable of collecting information from more than 16 different social media pages around the world (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) and additionally integrates content from 12 intranets.

User validation was implemented in their access in order to allow them to segment what part of the content each user can access depending on the organization to which they are linked. Users can then select what type of content they want to view and in what language within that universe of information.

Developed natively for both iOS and Android and adapted for both tablets and smartphones.

Achieved Milestones

Thanks to the success of TerniumToday, we were asked to implement it to support English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. A version was also released for Tenaris, another company belonging to the Techint group (Tenaris Today).

The clearest qualitative result:

  • Always connected and informed employees.
  • It allows you to receive updates in real time of all the news of the company.
  • Users can select the language in which they want to access the content.
  • Open possibility of suggesting improvements and releasing surveys through an important user service engine.