Tenaris is a leading manufacturer of tubes and tubular components for energy applications with low carbon emissions. Additionally, it offers additional services related to the energy industry and operates a distribution network across 75 countries. Their strength is continuous innovation and improvement.

Country: United States

Industriy: Energy and Oil

Size: More than 10 thousand employees


In this instance, the business needed a tool to gather the most recent editions of all media and publications o Tenaris’ tubular technology. This information is very significant because it is used as a resource for staff training and final client capacity building.



The TAM team heard Tenaris’ ideas and his intended goal for the solution he wanted to put into practice. Then, we set to work designing an interactive application that would enable users to easily read, organize, and locate content that was both textual and audiovisual by topics and categories.

Additionally, we wanted the text interaction within this digital library to be as realistic as possible, acting as though it were printed material, to create a more seamless connection with the interface.

It is important to note that the tool was developed exclusively for use with the iPad and is available without a connection. Additionally, we created a native subtitles administrator that could be customized for each video.


  • The interactive text, audio, and video library was successfully used to train and develop the company’s staff.
  • The time spent researching prior to the training arsenal was reduced because the material was organized and classified in the tool.
  • The customers had access to specific, up-to-date content when looking up topics of interest in the energy sector.
  • Users in general were able to create personalized libraries within the application and save their most important content.