Software and application development is the fastest growing area worldwide. For this reason more and more companies decide to join this trend with the challenge of forming a highly trained team to guarantee the success of their projects.

Given this high demand for IT personnel, service initiatives such as Staff Augmentation and Team Augmentation have emerged. Both modalities have the mission of providing companies with this workforce under the outsourcing modality; This will allow them to have specialized personnel, reduce operating costs and delegate project management to expert teams.

Taking into account that The App Master offers both services, we want to explain in a little more detail what each one is about.

Strengthen teams with Staff Augmentation

When we talk about Staff Augmentation, we are referring to an outsourcing work modality in which a supplier company is in charge of temporarily hiring personnel with specific skills; as well as proven experience that is of value for company projects.

In short, the Staff Augmentation service allows companies to reinforce their team with professionals in very specific areas to face certain stages of development.

In this model, the receiving company has control over the management of the project, establishes the work methodology, assigns responsibilities to temporary staff and manages results. Meanwhile, it delegates the responsibility of finding and hiring the right profiles to an intermediary company that takes care of all the administrative work involved in recruiting.

Manage projects with Team Augmentation

While with Staff Augmentation companies can have specific personnel to reinforce their permanent team, with Team Augmentation they can subcontract an entire team dedicated to their projects.

In this sense, it is about delegating the complete management of the project to a software company. This modality covers a wide variety of services related to software development, analysis, design, user experience (UX/UI), quality control, support and maintenance.

When a company hires the Team Augmentation service, it has a combined team, made up of its permanent staff and external talent. This allows for provider companies such as The App Master to provide support in case of vacations, sick days or any emergency that may affect the assistance of the development team.

As the provider’s involvement is deeper, the measurement of results and commitment involves both parties. All this makes the software company a close and trusted partner of the company that hired it.

What the differentiates the team from the staff ?

Each of these models has its benefits. However, choosing one will depend on the needs of each company and the objectives it pursues. This comparative table shows some keys on this particular:


In both modalities, The App Master is in charge of the selection and hiring of personnel. If your company needs this type of service, do not hesitate to contact us.