The world’s leading travel assistance provider, ASSIST CARD, was established in Switzerland in 1972 and has been a member of the STARR COMPANIES group since 2011. Manages the largest global network of providers in the world while maintaining high standards for quality. As a result, over the years, they have increased their service offerings with the aim of consistently providing solutions that meet the demands of their clients.

Country: Argentina

Industry: Traveler assistance and insurance.

Size: between 1000 and 5000 employees


The Assist Card TI team came to us in order to fill out their technical staff. The company had new projects to tackle and needed a team of professionals with.Net and Java expertise. For this reason, they decided to hire our staff augmentation service.


The client indicated the specifics of the profile that were necessary for them to achieve their business objectives in the technical area. Taking this information into consideration, The App Master’s team started a meticulous and rigorous search for the ideal candidates. To provide the best options that were presented to the company for their final selection, we verified the experience and skills in the requested technologies.


  • The company was able to hire three people, specifically software developers with expertise in Java and.Net.
  • The professional team that The App Master provided achieved significant levels of productivity and effectiveness in the Assist Card project.
  • Due to their performance and positive results, the company hired some of the talent.