Point of sale

Plateanet is a company dedicated to the sale of theater and musical tickets for all of South America. In Argentina it sells more than 20 million tickets a year and has 130 physical points of sale.

Country: Argentina

Industry: Entertainment

Size: up to 50 employees


Plateanet was looking for a technology partner that would gather the necessary capabilities to re-engineer its ticket management platform. The project required integrating the sale of the face-to-face and online channel. Additionally, it required the development of an engine that would allow to manage the distribution of locations in the halls in the optimal way based on the types of tickets defined in each show.


We designed a cloud platform that allows to manage theaters, halls and shows. We develop algorithms that allow owners and producers to self-manage their plays by establishing dynamic pricing policies.

For the sales channels, we developed the point-of-sale (PoS), call center and the web API that allows third parties to integrate with Plateanet.

For managing authorization of collections with different means of payment we integrated a proprietary transactional gateway.

In the back-office, the platform uses artificial intelligence to understand the distribution of each venue through the interpretation of plans and images and thus offer the best offer that ensures maximum profits.

platea net

Achieved Milestones

  • Dynamic ticketing prices and commercial promotions.
  • More than 20 million tickets sold per year, more than 130 points of sale.
  • Analytics and reports that help theater owners better understand their business and results.
  • New theaters can create their own mapping with an easy-to-use AI-based solution.

“They are super professional and at the same time can adapt to the culture and time needs of the client. The estimated schedule of the project throughout the 20 months was 99% accurate.”

Andres Spilzinger, CEO at Plateanet