Pets Care is a Pet Food and Pet articles distributor in O´Higgins, Chile.

Country: Chile

Industry: Pet Food

Size: 8 employees


Pets Care has a very wide portfolio of products. When sales reps visited their clients they were not able to share the entirety of products to offer within the short time that the client was available to them. For this reason, they found themselves in the need to be able to share all the products through an Online Store.

-Pets Care sales reps use to take their orders on paper or through WhatsApp which sometimes made it difficult to understand handwriting and transcribe orders. In turn it presented a conflict at the organizational level cause a lot of orders ended up rejected due to errors in their content.

Quantitative results

Thanks to the implementation of Venttu, Pet’s Care was able to obtain the following benefits:

-Offer all the products in 100% of their clients

-Reduce vendor travel costs by approximately 30% to 35%.

-Reduce transcription errors in orders by 100%

Qualitative results

-Reduction of errors in the dispatch of merchandise.

-Decrease in point-to-point negotiation. Venttu streamlined the entire business process.

“Our Sales reps don’t have the time to communicate everything we need to and the E-commerce platform allowed us to increase the volume of sales and secondly it also helped us to reduce errors in dispatches.”

Jorge Muñoz Cea, General Manager at PetsCare