Intelectual Property

Noetinger & Armando is a prestigious law firm with over 25 years of experience. They provide legal services in Argentina and the entire Latin American region and are recognized for their specialization in the area of ​​industrial and intellectual property.

Country: Argentina

Industry: Legal Services

Size: 11 to 50 employees


The law firm acquired licenses for software aimed at managing intellectual property cases and was looking for a partner who would have the necessary skills to train as an implementer. An implementation was needed in different areas of the study without this implying neglecting the focus on their business. The company to be chosen had to gather the technical skills necessary to understand and design the integration of the platform used by the firm. Adapting it to their needs was essential.


We carried out a survey to map the use of the application in the firm. On a second step we studied the processes carried out by each area in order to understand the short, medium and long term objectives. The focus of our analysis was placed on understanding in which part of the operation made better sense to enhance the applications that the Firm acquired.

After six weeks where we conducted interviews with the main actors of each department we prepared an implementation plan in stages. We also designed the interfaces to automate the collection of data from different entities that would feed the acquired system.


Noetinger & Armando managed to maintain focus on their business avoiding the strategic resources of its organization having to allocate time to the implementation process. That implementation required a technical background with knowledge in software development that would have made their correct implementation by them almost impossible.

We formed and established a relationship of trust with the firm while overcoming each different stage demonstrating accuracy in our estimates and resolution in execution.

Today we have a strategic role in the area of ​​technology for the firm. We provide continuous support attending and proposing improvements and industry initiatives.

They have been the ideal technological partner to accompany us in a process of digital transformation and process optimization. They showed great professionalism and the ability to adapt to new emerging needs and internal times.

Pablo Armando, Lawyer and Partner at Noetinger & Armando