Laboratorios Andrómaco  is an Argentine pharmaceutical company with more than ninety-five
years of uninterrupted activity in the country, providing quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic
products. It is ranked first in sales in the category of skin care and therapy products. With a
permanent growth during the last years, the company occupies the thirteenth position among
more than 300 companies that commercialize in the local market.

Country: Argentina

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Size: 500-1000 employees


In order to dynamically train their sales teams in the course of a marketing campaign that was moving forward, The Laboratory Andrómaco needed a digital platform. His main goal was to ensure that the local staff was aware of the products in detail so they could aid in their selling. For this reason, they considered developing a simple yet innovative application that would aid them in verifying the knowledge of the vendors.


After gathering all the data needed by our team, we started brainstorming the best way to build the application. The idea was for it to function like a game, complete with trivia questions and points, to encourage the team to learn more information about the lab’s newest products.

The tool was developed after the functional analysis of the app was complete. Additionally, a user friendly, creative interface was created to inspire users in a very straightforward manner.

After completing the necessary tests, Macril Acierta was finally launched. This interactive mobile app allowed the teams to compete against each other and add some fun to the training process.


  • The sales teams’ staff actively participated in the application’s trivia challenges,
    praising its intuitive design and usability.
  • The teams competed and demonstrated their knowledge, achieving the project’s
    initial goal.
  • Due to its success within the company, it was updated to be used by doctors and
    pharmacists, who also participated in competitions to demonstrate their knowledge.