International Materials Drivers

Since 1987, the worldwide cement, wallboard, and steel industries have come to depend on IMI to deliver unparalleled expertise to meet their raw material needs. Their commitment to service excellence has allowed them to build a large portfolio of reliable, first-class suppliers, ship operators, and customers.

Today, IMI sources or ships to over 60 countries around the globe. Along with their partners and affiliates, they deliver over 26 million ton of bulk materials annually. They provide creative and economical real-time solutions to any logistical challenge their customers may face. Their products include natural gypsum, bauxite, iron ore and iron fines, cement, clinker, coal, petcoke, and slag.

Country: U.S.A. (Miami, Florida)

Industry: Supply Chain, Construction

Size: up to 100 employees


After carrying out the maritime transport of raw materials, International Materiales Inc (IMI) stores them in different “stockpiles” from where they are later  withdrawn by third party companies. These companies are the ones assigned to transport materials to their final destination (customer).

Management of this operation was done manually which generated a large operational workload which in turn led to errors and administrative deviations in billing.


We developed a multiplatform application using React Native plus a web Content Management System from where all transactions could be supervised.

Drivers can record each task that is carried out while loading and transporting the goods. All of that information becomes available online to IMI through a Dashboard that allows them to carry out audits and have all the information synchronized in real time.


Achieved Milestones

  • Elimination of transcription errors and billing delays.
  • Improvement in traceability of goods.
  • Administrative burden reduction.
  • Greater customer satisfaction.