Here we share the articke that the ArchGroup wrote about us after having awarded us with the Gacela award for our results in 2020.

At ArchGroup this year we have decided to recognize those companies that achieved in 1 year a fairly accelerated and noticeable growth. This growth ranges from 200% to 400% and can even reach 1000%📈🚀😎

The App Master is a mobile development company dedicated to finding technology solutions that help its clients achieve outstanding results. Their services range from custom applications to pre-developed business solutions that could be deployed in less than a week.

We invite you to learn about this story and see how they managed to have a turnover of + 200%:

What do you recommend to achieve this accelerated growth?

Over the years we have paid special attention to creating a culture of teamwork. We did not seek to incorporate the best resources in each area, but those that we felt could be in line with the spirit of the company and its values. All of this contributes to the fact that in the two anonymous work environment surveys that we carry out each year, we obtain a rating above 8.5 points out of 10.

The continuous training that was always one of our main objectives was also an important lever. In 2020 we invested more than 1,500 hours in training, which is equivalent to approximately 130 hours per person. The focus on quality of service and development also helped us a lot, since a high percentage of our projects in 2020 came from clients who had already worked with us in the past and continued to entrust us with their ideas and concerns so to help with process improvements or development of new tools.

We incorporated more people to our team (especially in the last two months where we doubled the team’s size), compared to last year we had a growth in our turnover abroad and locally. The product we offer as SaaS doubled the number of customers we had in 2019.

We reorganized processes, defined responsibilities more clearly. We went from having 3 MO directors (Man-Orchestra) to a structure where we promoted two key people as directors and where we defined clear verticals as well as KPIs for each area.

History of the company

It all started in 2009, when The App Master was born as a mobile Software Factory. “At a time when the penetration of smartphones did not exceed 4% and was dominated by BlackBerry, the release of the iPhone 3G that allowed developers to create their apps and publish them in the Store woke us up to what for us was an inevitable future: People would carry a computer in their pockets and we did not want to be left out. “

“We started working for large companies that were betting on investing in these new technologies and over the years we realized that many of our developments could lay the foundations to create products that could be used as a SaaS (Software as a Service).”

By 2015, they made their first attempt under the Appnobis umbrella, the company’s SaaS division. “We made many mistakes, we came out with 5 products in parallel, and that did not allow us to have the focus that they required, so in 2018 we made the decision to focus all our efforts on 1. We renamed it “Venttu”, a commercial platform that allows digitizing processes for taking orders, collections and sales (mobile app for sellers, telesales e-commerce, B2B e-commerce, Analytics, etc.). “

Today we continue to be a Software Factory with two business units, SaaS products under Venttu and software development focused on mobile with The App Master.During all these years they have won some mentions and awards such as: being the Green IT Stand on ExporInternet, finishing in the TOP 5 in the Start Up Games of the UK embassy, ​​being selected for a business mission to Manchester by the UK government in order to participate in an Innovation fair and be one of the 8 finalist companies in the first edition of # AcelerarEspaña. Now, the recognition by ArchGroup of being a #GacelaBusiness is added to all these awards🏆🥇.