“CPI Online” is a web application used to analyze data in order to help organizations assess their strengths. It diagnoses performance gaps and prescribes initiatives for growth. It’s capable of building on demand configurable reports to fit the needs for different types of clients. It resulted in a considerable reduction of administrative and creative workload from our client.

Country: U.S.A. (Houston, Texas)

Industry: Consulting

Size: Up to 50 employees


Deutser’s proprietary survey offerings have been refined through decades of consulting experience with a multitude of companies, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small nonprofit organizations across the globe. Whether the solutions needed are internal or external in nature, they have a specialized tool that identifies organizational strengths, diagnoses performance gaps and prescribes initiatives for growth.

Deutser is one of the top consultancy agencies in Houston. Their CPI report (Clarity Performance Index) is one of their most valuable assessment tools and with a digitization of the process their service was improved.


We first embarked on a Product Thinking phase through a series of interviews and document analysis. We were able to present a list of features, navigation flow, architectural design and screen wireframes.

Once that phase was finished we faced Product Design. We presented a functional document with a detailed description on how the solution was going to interact and work. We produced the final designs of the product and broke down the document into user stories that helped to present a work schedule.

Finally the Product Development phase lead by the assigned Project Manager ended with the final version of the solution that the client was able to use and present to it’s clients. As part of our Product Support services we presented a list of features that might be beneficial to the client to include in future versions. Some were included later on for the release of a second version of the product.

Achieved Milestones

  • Integration with Survey Gizmo all information from surveys is kept n’sync with the platform.
  • Csv upload that allows report creation without requiring to use Survey Gizmo, this way the platform can create reports for past projects.
  • Report Builder automatically generates reports that Deutser’s clients can download with conclusions and analysis of the surveys completed by their employees. Those reports used to be built manually by a team of design experts, now it’s done automatically.
  • Client’s Dashboard presents custom graphics that summarizes the analysis that client’s find in the full report. It’s easy to analyze, compare with previous reports and also with the corresponding industry benchmarks.

The App Master also came up with their own input and ideas, so we felt like they understood the project. They made sure to take the time to understand what we wanted — they were nice to work with.